Teaming Up (Frenemals School Program)

Beware of Frenemals Self Awareness and Respect Program
Ferguson, Missouri remains in upheaval over the actions of an aggressive teenager and an aggressive police officer… Maryville, Washington continues to look for answers as to why 15 year old Jaylen Fryberg shot 5 fellow students…

All of these situations along with the multitude of other issues plaguing our society can be traced to Frenemals. Somewhere along the way we have lost some common sensibilities which have us on the brink of societal chaos.

Life starts with a seed and in order for us to get our sociological ecosystem back on track, it’s going to require intervention at the seedling level. Behind the leadership of the National Football League, the Put Up Your Dukes Foundation in collaboration with partners will offer a FREE solution to interested school systems and youth oriented organizations.

Our mission is to provide a relevant, engaging solution that will help our youth get a better understanding of self awareness which in turn will lead to greater respect for others.
Beware of Frenemals Youth Strategy
Catchy… Relevant… Hip… Engaging… Compelling… Sustainable… The Beware of Frenemals Self Awareness & Respect Solution is designed to be “just that”.

Goals of the Beware of Frenemals Self Awareness & Respect Solution:

  • Make students aware of the internal and external forces which can facilitate dysfunctional and/or disrespectful behavior.
  • Engage students to understand said forces often contribute to issues with other students and authority figures.
  • Demonstrate to students that being armed with the knowledge that such forces exist will help them better manage and interact with others.
  • Visual Reminder – Participating students will be issued a “Beware of Frenemals” band which will serve as a visual reminder.
  • Frenemals Application
  • On-going positive code of conduct

Beware of Frenemals Self Awareness and Respect Program Toolkit

  • Training Videos
  • Beware of Frenemals Books – We will provide Beware of Frenemals Workbooks
  • Frenemals Bands – Upon completion of Workbook, students will sign the Frenemals Pledge and then be issued a Frenemals Band.
  • Lesson Plan
  • Parent Letter to explain program and solicit support at home
  • Beware of Frenemals Resolution Posters to be place outside Principals office and Cafeteria – This is designed to be the action plan when Frenemal activity takes place.
  • Frenemals App
  • Chachersize App – Chachersize Academic Burst Curriculum and Chachersize Weight Loss Solution
  • Frenemals Objective Statement
  • Proposed Frenemals Week Implementation