What are Frenemals?

Family: Whether intentional or unintentional, family members can be guilty of enabling or manipulating dysfunctional behavior. Only family can provide tough love. (Baby…That Guy or Girl is not good for you… Baby…. Your putting on too much weight)
Friends: As long as things are going their way, they’re with you. When you want to do something different than they do… watch your back. To be fair, IN DARWINISTIC FASION, IN INSTINCTS ARE TO HAVE SELF INTEREST FIRST.
The Friend on the Inside: This is the most dangerous of the three, as it is a familiar voice. This is the voice that ENCOURAGED you when everyone else DOUBTED you. Unfortunately it is also the voice that told you to have those extra 4 drinks and it would be ok to have unprotected sex with that girl you just met at the bar.