What is Beware of Frenemals All About?

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” ~Author unknown
We’ve all heard the above phrase before. It is from an ancient war strategy, suggesting that it is better to strike at one’s enemy through, or with the assistance of, a middleman—someone else who also doesn’t like your enemy. It’s less confrontational, yet still achieves the objective of bringing down a common foe.
The above phrase is a definitive statement about how we deal with people—as either being for us or against us. But what about those in our orbit, who occupy that grey space. Those who wear the masks of warmth, camaraderie, and good intent; but somehow manage to do us more harm than any outright nemesis ever could?
The serial under-miners and joy-smashers, deadbeats and dead weight, lifelong associates, good-time pals, supposed soul mates, and flesh of our own flesh who claim to have our best interests at heart, but keep knocking us down before we can truly get going or trip us up once we’re on our way.

What do we do about the “Frenemals” in our lives?

Charles Darwin’s “Natural Selection”—or in laymen’s terms: only the strong survive—depicts an attribute of mankind, which centers on self-preservation. I believe the natural extension of this concept is steeped in ALL of our inherent need to also flourish or prosper. We all have a carnivorous, inner ego within us that is carnal, selfish, and hard to tame.
There are many manifestations of “Frenemals,” and the ways in which they can negatively impact our lives are vast.
For the record, we all have Frenemals. I guarantee that if you look at the failures in your life, one, if not all, of the Frenemals that will be delineated in this book, will be found to be at play. The purpose of this book is to show you examples of “Frenemal” activity in the lives of many famous people, as a means to help you to look inward, and search for and develop strategies for managing them as they relate to your life.
Stories you may have read will be shown in an entirely different light, using the principles of Frenemies. This book not only gives you the secret to controlling your Frenemals, but also provides helpful tips on how YOU deal with Frenemals of all kinds; from those related to us, to those around us, to the Frenemal within us who is the most dangerous of the three.
Beware of the Frenemals will help you on a personal and professional level to successfully navigate complicated and treacherous waters; first by being able to identify one’s Frenemals and their intent, then taking the appropriate steps to either vanquish them from your life altogether, or realign them into agreeable positions.
As a four-time College all-American, retired NFL player, and current sports analyst for the NFL Network and CBS Radio, I’ve encountered the biggest names in the realm of sports and entertainment. I’ve worked in Los Angeles for nearly a decade in the entertainment industry, and at this point, nothing surprises me…NOTHING.
I also serve as one of the NFL Ambassadors whose charge is to provide leadership to prospective and current NFL Players. I’ve even been a featured speaker at the NFL Rookie Symposium, which is the National Football League’s mandatory rookie orientation. To put it mildly – good, bad and ugly – I’ve seen it all.